Brutal challenges for tough people! To dig the frozen grounds and to warm up your hands with your breath only… while filling up a huge sack, until your hands start to drop the small spade… this is what the fans of the extreme adventures could expect in this round of Brutus Run.
Each team will have a small spade and a huge sack, which must be filled up with soil from a zone approx. 150 meters away from the start point. After that, the full sack should be carried by hand to the start point, where it will be weighed. To pass the challenge successfully, you will need a sack weighed minimum 60 kg (two men), 50 kg (a man and a woman), 40 kg (two women).
Each missing kilo will bring you 1 penalty minute.
Sacks below 40, 30 and 20 kg respectively will lead to disqualification.